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European hare

The European hare is most well known and most common standard small game in Hungary. It's survival is ensured by its carefulness and prolificacy. In order to maintain a good hare population a rule of thumb shall always be kept, namely never take over more hare than the yearly accretion. It can be found anywhere in Hungary, but the best hare areas are located in the Hungarian Great Plain (Alföld).
The European hare (Lepus europaeus) has been cried over many times by many people. Many said that Hungary's significant hare population is in the past, the stock considerably was decreased due to epidemics and the loss of habitat because of the modern agriculture activities. But still the hare survived the epidemics and adapted to the changed circumstances. Nowadays we are hoping that the previous results can be reached again.
Hare is usually taken by pheasant hunts, but the traditional hare drive is also possible and the so called U drive is also available. In the case of 8-10 hunters it was common to have a grass of several hundreds of hare, and today's stock is looking very promising. The cony (Oryctolagus cuniculus) was resettled by the Romans all over Europe.
Due to the large game damages they can be hunted all year round in search hunts. Because of it's quickness the hunter needs good relflex to take them.

I. Kisalföld areas
II. Alföld areas: Excellent rabbit population. Average daily grass: 80-100 pieces Excellent daily grass: 150-200 pieces
III. Szolnok areas
IV. Békés areas: Excellent rabbit population. Average daily grass: 100-150 pieces Excellent daily grass: 200-300 pieces