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In Hungary it is the most common in the Hungarian Great Plain (Alföld) region, where both the wild and bred bird's hunting is very popular. We have good quality populations in Jász-Nagykun Szolnok, Békés, Bács-Kiskun and in Csongrád Counties. The male pheasant called the cock and the female called the hen and the young is called the chick.

Sometimes their sound can also be heard in the mountains. It's preferred habitat is wide, flat areas split by shrubs and streams. They are hunted by 3 to 4 member groups with pointers in search hunts. Besides 10 to 20 pheasants, hunters can also take rabbits and maybe some wild duck.
Peak of the pheasant hunting is of course the drive, when the grass may increase up to 2000 with 10 to 12 hunters. In the 1930s the Hungarian pheasant drive was world famous. Not too many people know that the previous record from that time was recently broken. Depending on the circumstances a grass of 4 to 5000 is also possible. Unfortunately nowadays those groups are missing, who would use this opportunity.

I. Kisalföld areas
II. Danube areas: Good pheasant stock. Average daily grass: 300-400 pieces Excellent daily grass: 500-800 pieces
III. Alföld areas: Excellent pheasant stock. Average daily grass: 300-500 pieces Excellent daily grass: 800-1000 pieces
IV. Szolnok areas
V. Békés areas: World-class pheasant stock. Average daily grass: 300-800 pieces Excellent daily grass: 800-1500 pieces