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Wild boar

In Hungary it's habitat is mainly the forestry, hilly-slopy areas, it also prefers flood areas. Nowadays there are no such areas in the country where it wouldn't for shorter or longer period of time. The male wild boar called the boar, the female called the sow and the young called the piglets, and the 2 year old is called the boar or sow piglets. Wild boar is Hungary's most common and most favourite animal. It can be hunted all year round, the sow can only be taken over once the piglets are independent. It can be hunted from high-stands or by still-hunting.
Maybe the best experience is to follow the trail of the boar in the fresh powder snow and then take the game while covered in fine snow. Maybe it's less known but still very exciting to go wild boar hunting on wheat fields in June. If we have good wind and an experienced guide the pigs can be hunted from 3 to 4 meters and we can choose the boar or sow depending on our taste. With a smaller group (4-5 people) baying is also very popular. With a few and experienced guides baying a herd of pigs or red deer can be easily managed.
The peak of wild boar hunting is the well organised drive. Nothing better than the wild boar bayed by the hunter dogs in front of the hunter's gun.

I. Transdanubian areas
II. Northern-Central Range of Mountains (Északi-középhegység)
III. Pilis Mountains
IV. Bükk Mountains
V. Balaton-felvidék