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Roe deer

It can be found in all areas, the largest number of big-game species in Hungary. The male roe deer is called the roe buck, the female called the doe and the young roe deer called the roe deer fawns. Our estimated roe deer population comprises of around 250.000. We can say with every reason that the roe deer is the most prolated game in Hungary, it can be hunted anywhere.

The best hunting areas are located next to Tisza and Körös River areas, in Szolnok and Békés Counties, but the roe deer stock is also very good nearly all over the Hungarian Great Plain (Alföld). West of the Danube there a lot of slightly weaker antler roe bucks. Sometimes older bucks with antlers over 500 gr can also be shot. According to the traditions the roe buck hunting starts on 15th April, when the bucks clean their antlers but they still stick out of the low undergrowth.

Until the beginning of May several thousands of roe deer are queried, and this shows how much has the population's quality improved. Calling of the roe deer starts in mid-July in Hungary and it lasts 2 to 3 weeks. It is an unforgettable experience to see a roe buck jumping in for the sound of the whistle. The mysterious, other times so careful buck also replies to the tempting sound of love for the great pleasure of the hunters. In this period even the very rarely seen bucks also appear. There are always hunters who combine their summer holiday with roe buck hunting seasoned with boar hunting on wheat fields or stubble fields. Whatever the customer wishes: let it be a capital trophy, scrap buck, peaceful relaxation, we will find the best place for you!

I. Transdanubian areas Medium quality and adequate quantity roe deer population. Average trophy weight: 230-250g, capital trophy weight: 350-400 g
II. Bakony Mountains Hilly, forest roe population. Average trophy weight: 220-240 g, capital trophy weight: 320-350 g
III. Northern-Central Range of Mountains (Északi-középhegység Hilly, forest roe population. Average trophy weight: 220-260 g, capital trophy weight: 350-380 g
IV. Alföld roe stock Excellent quality and quantity roe population. Average trophy weight: 350-400 g,
capital trophy weight: 450-500 g
V. Tisza area roe stock World-class roe stock. Average trophy weight: 360-420 g, capital trophy weight: 550-650 g