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Red deer

The quality of the red deer stock is represented by the Central-European stock, with Hungary in the lead. The deer is Hungary's most significant big game. Largest and the best quality stock is located in Southern-Transdanubia and also Central Transdanubia's deer areas play a significant role. Tide lands and oak-yards with hilly undergrowth areas, fringing forests and the seeding forests wedged by agricultural areas are the most suitable habitats for the animal, where they can find forage, water, cover and peacefulness. We call the male deer stag and the female deer is called the cow, and the young is called the calves (bull-calf and roe). Depending on the intensity of shootings, the ratio of medal winner antlers reach a national 33 to 35% average.
Out of the last 9 world records 5 were shot in Hungary, which confirms the above. A lucky American hunter quarried his dream stag with over a 17.4 kg antler. These areas have always had an exceptional stock of game. In the river bed of Körös a deer antler was found, which was 8 to 10.000 years old, and it received the silver medal of the Budapest Hunting World Exhibition in 1971. Most of the deer live west of the Danube, the best quality ones are located between Balaton and the Croatian border, in Zala, Somogy, Tolna and Baranya Counties. Here the bell starts already in the first days of September.
The weight of the crowned stags antlers is above 10 kilograms. Here a hunter, who spends one week with hunting out of his free time can quarry its capital stag. If the hunter is in the favour of the patron saints of hunting, the hunter's luck is guaranteed. During the bell period not only over 10 kg deers can be quarried. In the Bakony or Pilis mountains the deer are a bit smaller. In these areas the bell period starts in the middle of September, it is a pleasant and beautiful experience to quarry an elder 6-8 kg stag. If you don't have the chance to hunt in the bell period, the stags can be hunted from November to January, from high-stands, still-hunting, from cross-country vehicles or horse-carriages. There is no such request, which we wouldn't meet by the selection of the right area and optimal timing.

I. South-West Transdanubia One of the best red deer habitat in the world. Both with respect to the quality and number of the population these are exceptional areas. Trophy size: average trophies 7-8 kg, large ones 12 kg.
II. North-Transdanubia: In general good, certain areas excellent red deer stock. Average trophy sizes in the hilly areas 6-7 kg, in the mountains 5-6 kg, capital trophies in the hilly areas 10 kg, and 8 kg in the mountains.
III. Northern-Central Range of Mountains
(Északi-középhegység): Quantity-wise good, quality-wise medium red deer stock. Average trophy sizes 5-6 kg, capital ones around 7 kg.