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Our services

Contact: The preparation for the hunting is arranged with a worker speaking in English language.

Letter of invitation and taking the firearm into Hungary: Before the arrival, during the preparations our guests receive our letter of invitation, which is required for taking in the firearms. In case of an arrival by airplane it is possible that a certificate of taking in the weapon completed in advance waits for our guests at the airport customs.

Booking of accommodation: Our guests can select from the places of accommodation of different categories on-demand, including the hunting lodges and boarding-houses represented a simpler standard, the hotels meeting the higher requirements and the hunting castles meaning a luxury category. It is possible to book an accommodation all over the country.

Provision: Our guests may receive half- and full boarding provision or boarding with breakfast from the arrival until the departure as per their choice, which includes the meals at the place of accommodation and other locations.

Arriving and departing transfers, transportation during the period of hunting: We ensure transfer to any airport, coach or railway station in Hungary by passenger car or minibus with more seats, and in case of larger groups by coach. Our guests are mainly transported with off-road vehicles during the period of hunting, but occasionally it is also possible to use horse-drawn carriages, horse-drawn sledges, boats, etc.

Professional attendance: We ensure an accompanying hunter (also in case of our inland guests) and an interpreter compulsorily during the hunting. Depending on the guest's request the interpreter may be at the participants' disposal from the arrival, but it is also possible to employ him or her only for the periods of hunting. If the guests arrive with such accompanying persons who do not participate in the hunting (e.g. family member), of course, we ensure attendance for them as well on-demand. The representative of our company is also present during the staying of the guests.

Firearm and ammunition: We can ensure the following types of firearms on-demand in a limited number:

  • bullet:
    • 22-250 Cal
    • 30-06 Cal
    • 7X64 Cal
    • 9,3 X 62 Cal

  • shot-ammunition:
    • 12 Cal
    • 16 Cal
    • 20 Cal
Arbitrarily Bock or double gun is ensured.
We can ensure several types of ammunition for all those listed above.

Trophy: Our office provides for the judgement and transportation of the trophy in case of games with trophy. In case of small wild games delivery is ensured to the given address to any country on-demand.

Accompanying programs: It is possible to participate in different programs during the staying here (sightseeing, wine-tasting, Hungarian Puszta Program, wellness, etc.)

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